Rohan Bumbra

Professional Session Musician



"Rohan is one of the best drummers I have ever had the privilege of playing with. He has the perfect musical mind and can make the simplest of parts look intricate and sound incredible. He is a valuable asset to any musical project." 
- John Dunleavey
"Rohan is an extremely talented, creative and versatile drummer. We've been in a band together for nearly two years and in that time he's shown to be a great performer and reliable bandmate as well as being a joy to work and write with. Rohan's experience of playing both covers and original songs competently also makes him a solid addition to any ensemble. I highly recommend working with him!"

- Annie Booth

"Rohan is one of the most gifted drummers I’ve ever worked with. His command of rhythm is exceptional and his professional yet approachable attitude makes him a pleasure to work with and in turn an invaluable team-player."
- Sam Cracknell (Mathematic)