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Positively Polyrhythmic - Modulation / Polyrhythms Drum lesson

Positively Polyrhythmic - Modulation / Polyrhythms Drum lesson.

This is definitely in the category of advanced drum lessons!

This free drum lesson is all about polyrhythms and metric modulation.

What is a polyrhythm? A Polyrhythm is the simultaneous use of two or more rhythms that are not readily perceived as deriving from one another, or as simple manifestations of the same meter. (wikipedia's definition!)

Essentially it is when there is more than one rhythm being played at the same time. In this case we have 8th note triplets, quarter notes and quarter note triplets!

This lesson is great for building drum independence, timing and building your music theory knowledge.

I show you how to play polyrhythms as well as a quick metric modulation example too!

Metric modulation is the change in a rhythms pulse without changing the root tempo. This can have really cool effects when used tastefully and once you understand it, it can be a huge tool in your arsenal!

Hope you enjoy the drum lesson!

Rohan Bumbra

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Dave Grohl/Bonham Drum lesson - Rock Drum Fill | Free Rock Drum Lesson


Dave Grohl/Bonham Drum lesson - Rock Drum Fill | Free Rock Drum Lesson.

Hello troops, I hope you like rock drums and Dave Grohl and John Bonham because that's what this free drum lesson is all about!

Dave Grohl and John Bonham are my absolute heroes and in this drum lesson we cover a really neat rock drum fill that Dave Grohl uses all the time, and then we go on to sprinkle a bit of john Bonham in there too!

This rock drum fill will be sure to impress the crowd with its cool visuals and uncompromising sound! This free lesson will get you playing rock drums in no time!

Hope you enjoy the free Rock Drum Lesson!

All the best,

Rohan Bumbra


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How will you use this pattern? | Free Drum Lesson | Intermediate


Hello you lovely people. In this free drum lesson we are looking at an ultra versatile hand pattern that you can use in countless ways. I show you a few examples to get you started and then its all up to you!

This pattern is easy to learn but hard to master and really utilise it effectively. It can be used as a drum fill, a groove, embellishments and more!

This is ideal for beginners, Intermediate and advanced players!

Enjoy the free drum lesson,

- Rohan Bumbra

5 Drum Books Every Drummer Should Have!

There are SO many drum books out there that can often overwhelm those who are looking to enter the world of published education. I've decided to make this video to help those choose some of the most useful and - in my opinion - 5 Amazing Drum Books Every Drummer Should Have! I hope you enjoy and agree with my drum book recommendations and find value in them!

Build Bass Drum Speed and Control | Advanced Drum Lesson

Hi folks, back with another Advanced drum lesson. In this drum lesson we are focusing on the bass drum. I will show you a few ways to help build your bass drum speed and control. This is a fairly advanced drum lesson so don't be angry if you're struggling. Just keep at it and I promise you, you will see a huge improvement to both speed and control of your feet.

Enjoy! - Rohan Bumbra

How to Record Big Drums - Drum recording tips!

Hello guys. Here's a bit of a different video today. In this video I show you how to Record a Big Drum sound in a Small Room using simple ideas and processes. I am working with logic pro x. Big drums are sometimes hard to record but hopefully this video will help show you How to Record Big Drums. In this video we make use of a room mic and a simple home studio recording setup to get a nice natural, big, characterful drum sound. I'm not a pro engineer as such but these recording tips should give you a nice starting point! If you're looking for more drumming videos, hit my channel up!

Padurday - Rudimental Drum Lessons EPISODE 1


Welcome to a new series - PADURDAY. A lesson series in which we focus on pad drumming and building our understanding of rudiments.

In episode one I'll be showing you a neat 5/8 pattern that is wonderful for a warmup and to build on their knowledge of the time signature. It's a little challenging at first but stick with it and you will see your control and speed improve drastically in both hands!